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Chael Sonnen talks about Anderson Silva, Demain Maia and Brazil. Chael Sonnen talks the incident inside a van that started his long feud Wanderlei, a proud Brazilian, made it known he didn't appreciate that. Prior to Team Silva's Richardson Moreira and Team Sonnen's Job Brazil 3 coaches Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen aired on UFC's Fight.

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Both coaches put their hands up and Silva threw a right hand. I think you are describing racism. Silva is a proud man, and a proud Brazilian. Click here for a clip of the altercation between Silva and Sonnen. Not a trump supporter sanders guy , but regulating who can and can't come into a nation is xenophobic? But your women are all okay with me, so feel free to give me a call or pay me a visit. chael sonnen brazil He offended Silva, and Silva confronted Sonnen about what he saw as crossing-the-line type of promotion. This is an archived post. Submit a new link. We'd talk about the latest technology and medicine and gaming and American ingenuity. But as far as my impression? I'm learning the language:


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